We bring development to everybody
Create web applications with ease

Create fully featured web applications.

Allows you to create just about everything that you would be able to do with Javascript + React.
  • Landing pages (like this one)
  • Information systems
  • Complex dynamic webs
  • Single page web applications
  • Anything else you can see in browser

Better than traditional programming

We take basic programming concepts but we create unique editor on top of that which is much easier and faster to use.
  • Easier to learn
  • More productive
  • Less error prone
  • No need to setup
  • Faster feedback
  • Faster deployment
  • More collaborative

Better than web editors.

This is not another WYSIWYG web editor. It's built on completely different concepts more similar to traditional programming, but it is still as easy as drag&drop.
  • Unlimited possibilities
  • Proper versioning
  • Edit what you mean not what you see
  • Use any JS/React library
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Easy to Integrate to existing JS projects
Compared to traditional languages

Interactive language

You can play with it as you would play with programming language for children (Scratch). Learn by trial and error.

Easier to learn

Integrated documentation right into the editor. Every piece of UI is made to guide you to understand the language.

Less error prone

The language behind the editor is so smart that you can find and handle all exceptions while you write your code.

Fast feedback

You immediately see all the changes you make. Hot-reloading is already standard. You can easily display any component in isolation.

No setup

Just click “create new project” and you have everything you need. Development environment, CI, tests, production deployment.

Automatic tests

You don’t have to write tests to have tested application. Nocode.dev creates most of unit tests, integration and E2E tests for you. You can review and edit them or add more of them.

Collaborative by default

Everything you do is in cloud. Code is automatically synchronized with your coworkers.

Easy library search

No Google -> Copy -> Paste -> Check -> Repeat. Every library you need is already in your editor.

Fast deployment.

Just click on deploy. You already have everything prepared and tested. You can deploy or revert in a matter of seconds.
Compared to web editors / WYSIWYGs

Unlimited possibilities

You can do everything you can do with real programming language. Just because this is real programming language.

Proper versioning

Create branch, Commit, Review, Merge, Resolve conflicts. Everything is similar to standard programming, but easier and faster.


When doing complex applications you can’t rely on what it looks like, you must be sure what it is and how it will behave in all possible states.

Fully compatible with JS

Use any Javascript library you want. ReactJS is native here, but you can connect any other framework if you need.

Use your own design system

You can import your CSS, React or JS component library. You can also create you own directly in Nocode and reuse it in every project you create.

Deploy anywhere

Easiest way is to deploy on our servers, just connect your domain to project, and prosper. You can export .zip with standard JS application structure and Docker file.

Easy to Integrate

Integrate any Nocode.dev project into your application. Just "npm install @no-code/your-project" and use it.

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